Bunnie.net is an obsession, not a hobby or a waste of time. (refresh to change)

Welcome to bunnie.net, currently sporting Layout 27, entitled, "Glass Petals." Running since January, 2002. Navigate using the small square icons to your right.

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You have found my easter egg page! I have a lot of easter eggs at bunnie.net, and I'll link to them all here. Notice how I chose Chibi Usa... She is, by far, my least favorite character. I am not sure why I have such a disdain for her... She is pretty funny as I watch the series now, but back in middle school, I just could not stand her.

Energizer.Bunnie.net is clearly a necessary subdomain for the bunnie network. The Energizer bunnie just keeps going and going and going...

Playboy.Bunnie.net is also a necessary subdomain, for people thinking this website has anything to do with Playboy or other sexytime things. Go ahead and visit to see why is there a kitten?

Color.Bunnie.net is a variation of the Munsell Hue test. You can view the real test here but go ahead and try the Bunnie network's version, complete with a special guest who was in the Macy's parade, and constantly appears in jokes on Facebook. You're never gonna guess who it is.