Bunnie.net is meant to confuse those who are down-to-earth in any way. (refresh to change)

Welcome to bunnie.net, currently sporting Layout 27, entitled, "Glass Petals." Running since January, 2002. Navigate using the small square icons to your right.

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Bunnie.net - under current management since 2001

Bunnie.net is a personal domain. It houses various sites by Lizzy which have a history of being mass deleted during the summer time (hasn't happened in a few years, phew). There also used to be a collection of hostees known as Mini Bunnies, but they've all left the burrow at this point. Choosing to take this website as anything but a joke will most likely result in fatal errors in that area of your body you call a brain. Quoth Chen, "Never More!" "Everything on ur site is funny!"

Kingdom.bunnie.net was launched to provide a home to most of the content on bunnie.net under a catchier name than content.bunnie.net. The name has been in use since layout 9, but it wasn't until layout 25 that I decided to make it a subdomain. It's been very useful in uploading new layouts and providing subfolders for various websites, though there are a number of other subdomains and folders lurking around the bunnie network still. It also allows bunnie-root to have its own little splash page.

Here are the hosts I have used:
• Alxnet.com (2002 - 2003) - Took two months to get the website up and running. Definitely not recommended.
• Superuser.net (2003 - 2006) - Constant downtime with my ISP, not recommended. Actually they just stopped hosting people with no warning. Not so cool...
• IXWebhosting.com (2006 - 2013) - I do recommend them. I am not using them anymore because my husband needed ssh access.
• Midphase.com (2015 - ?) - Just started using this host in September, 2015, after my husband decided to stop running his minecraft server where I was being hosted for free...