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Welcome to bunnie.net, currently sporting Layout 27, entitled, "Glass Petals." Running since January, 2002. Navigate using the small square icons to your right.

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Domain registered: 4/08/06
Ordinal domain: 2nd
Type of site: Blog
Original owner: Yes
Hazel Orb entry: 3291

Hazelorb.com was the second domain I bought. Even though I bought bunnie.net first, Hazel Orb is one of my oldest sites (the oldest site honor goes to Ayla's World, currently hosted at dewfall.org). I debated between getting bunnie.net and hazelorb.com, but the uniqueness of bunnie led me to order that instead (originally). My senior year of high school, I had finally paid off my car's engine (I drove through a rather large puddle of water my junior year...) and had some extra cash, and with the urging of my webpage club friends (yes, I was club president) I bought Hazelorb.com and moved my blog there. The name comes from my hazel eyes.

My blog was started in middle school, and lived on a variety of hosts before getting its own domain. After some mishaps from old entries coming to light, I decided to password protect my blog. I have thousands of entries online thanks to my old school blogging software Greymatter, and some Perl hacking. For a brief period of time, my blog was renamed "Emo" (definitely 8th grade... Think Gideon Yago). Glad I got through that phase. In addition to the massively numerous greymatter archives, I have all of my past layouts online, as well as many pictures from middle school (report cards, collages, photos, and over one hundred screenshots of the early 2000s web). I believe I have given up hope of tagging my entries, but I do keep a favorite list on my main archives page, and greymatter supports regex search so I can find what I want.

Here is a screenshot of the current layout (v.20):

All of my layouts now feature a castle I included on my very first layout at topcities I believe. I also was inspired by a hazel orb picture which you can also view at my blog. If you know me in person, you should be able to guess the password. You can also message me on facebook for help. If you go there, I do disclaim that you read at your own risk/will.