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Domain registered: 3/29/08
Ordinal domain: 6th
Type of site: Anime
Original owner: Yes
Hazel Orb entry: 4112

Nakoy.net is technically my 6th domain. I have two more which I have purchased since then, and numbers 4 and 5 (which you will notice are not listed on this site) I let expire (a joke site with my brother from a road trip, and my education site which I have renamed). Nakoy was kind of a joke in its name: I took net backwards which got me the word ten. So I went ten episodes back from the end of Sailor moon, and the very last word is yokan (which means premonition). I reversed this word and got nakoy. Yes, that just happened.

My original intent for nakoy.net was to host anime sites, however no one has ever contacted me about it. However, it has led to two other things. First, my spam email is my nakoy.net email. What would I do without that email - I give it to every sign up offer ever because, who cares, it all gets filtered in gmail anyways. Second, I am working on a Sailor Moon website there: YKYWTMSMW Interactive. I imported every YKYWTMSMW into wordpress, and installed plugins to be able to upvote and indicate that you have actually done the list item. I am also working my way through tagging every list item (I did install an auto tagger to get me started), and I add comments with silly pictures when I read abnormally ridiculous items, and I stickied an entry where people can add their own.

Here is a screenshot of the current layout (v.1):

Also visit YKYWTMSMW Interactive.


Domain registered: 4/23/07
Ordinal domain: 3rd
Type of site: TBD
Original owner: No
Hazel Orb entry: 3702

Dewfall.org was the third domain I registered. I got to register (and re-register, until they cheaped out) a domain for free through my hosting plan. Since I already had bunnie and hazelorb registered, I went on the lookout for a dictionary word that "wasn't too cutesy" and whois searched dewfall and it was available! I also had a goal of owning a .com, a .net, and a .org, and so this helped me complete that goal.

While Dewfall's layout has said "coming soon" since 2007, I did manage to put up the very first site I ever made on the internet, which is Ayla's World. It was at bunnie.net for a little while, but it's made its home over at Dewfall now. I also have some private pictures stored here (some collectibles/ebay as well as my state license plate collection). Some other ideas I had for the domain were to do a classical music or sleeping beauty (ballet) page, and otherwise pretty sites that are not anime related.

Here is a screenshot of the current layout (v.1):

Also visit Ayla's World.