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Domain registered: 10/17/09
Ordinal domain: 7th
Type of site: Coding
Original owner: Yes
Hazel Orb entry: 4763

BarStarBar.com was the seventh domain I registered. I wanted a domain just for computer science/programming things, such as hosting computer science friends not on Hazel Orb and posting programs. I have not updated it in a while but originally I was going to post who even knows what there. Technically I have more coding stuff on past.hazelorb.com with the source viewer lol. Ironically the name comes from Greymatter because Noah Grey was always using the characters bar-star-bar ie. |*| to separate things and it was the perfect name for me to register for cs-stuff.

Here is a screenshot of the current layout (v.1):


Domain registered: 11/05/13 by Troy
Ordinal domain: 9th
Type of site: Personal
Original owner: No
Hazel Orb entry: 6058

SweetCent.com was the ninth domain I registered. I had recently renamed my educational site and thus was missing a nine-character domain (did you notice I have one of each character length starting at 5 and all of the domains less than 7 characters are .net, more are .com, and equal to are .org? Yup OCD...). I wanted a domain to host some personal sites about me, mainly consumerist things such as my pandora bracelet and other things I currently spend my money on. I felt it would be an interesting perspective on the personal site, which I have not put up in years and also am not comfortable putting up being a teacher. Troy registered it for me, making it the first domain I have entrusted to him registration-wise. I moved all of my domains to his server after we got engaged but this is a whole new level of trust lol. I saw that it had been registered and dropped once if not twice and figured I should register it in, oh, five minutes of deciding? That is how I always know. :) My missing 8th domain is my educational site.

Here is a screenshot of the current layout (v.1):