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Version: 27
Title: Glass Petals
Featuring: Sailor Moon
Upload date: November 2, 2013
Ordinal BSSM layout: 5th

Welcome to version 27 of the bunnie network. This layout features two images from the Sailor Moon artbooks. The main image is from Volume 4 and the hidden image is from Volume 1. The layout was made using Serif PhotoPlus X3, Google Chrome, and a resolution of 1366 x 768. The font is Sevenet 7 at size 6. This is the first layout I have made in almost 5 years, and it came together very quickly (less than one month) for that.

I named the layout Glass Petals (deviating from my pattern of /^un/) because I have a large glass filter over a good portion of the main image (one of the new features in PhotoPlus X3) and the image has petals everywhere. The repeating x background also is a glass filter. I also used my typical squares overlay. Something new I tried was the tiles you see to the left. I grabbed each senshi's face out of the image and made it into a navigation tile. Then I took the whole image and split it into 3 long tiles to fill up the space below, using a gradient to get some nice colors. I really wanted a horizontal layout like Alexiel linked below, and had never really done one. But the original image has a lot of cleavage, so I needed to cut it off diagonally. The only problem is that the diagonal space was really hard to fill! I also wanted everything on one page, like on Urban Geisha linked below. My site ended up more complicated than that, but at least you can see all of my inspirations below.


You can view all of the bunnie network's previous layouts at Stylescape.

Compared to other BSSM layouts, it turned out in the same color scheme as Unsubmerged. The previous layout was Unbreakable, so I knew I did not want green, or Usagi/Mamoru. I already had another one of those, Fly To The Moon. I also made a layout featuring when Haruka kisses Usagi in act 25 of the manga, Manga Intoxication. It's about as scandalous as the picture of Minako groping Usagi from Act 15.