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Here is a little page all about the webmistress of the Bunnie Network. It is the first time I have had a page about me on bunnie-root since about layout 17. You can view what I wrote previously on this layout 16 archive page.

Name: Lizzy (Ayla), Lesley Elisabeth
Age: 25
Location: Northern Virginia
Job: Math Teacher
Alma Mater: University of Virginia
Horoscope: Aries
Likes: singing, hockey, driving her Prius, her fiance, reality television, blue, pink, sparkles
Dislikes: scary things like bugs, traffic, purple
Favorite Pandora station: Lasgo
Siblings: one brother, one step sister, two future sisters in law
Appearance: Long curly brown hair, glasses, hazel eyes

Notice how in all of my wesbites, I talk about wanting to go UVA and move back to Virginia and become a teacher. I did it! I got in out of state, did the 5 year BA/MT program, and now teach in Virginia, living happily with my fiance. My fiance calls me Lizzy, if you were wondering.

What is your favorite thing to do on your computer besides going online? puzzle games like Freecell
What is your favorite thing to do online? Facebook
Places I have lived: Tarrytown, NY; Fairfax, VA; Philadelphia, PA; Charlottesville, VA; Richmond, VA.
Nerdy things I like: Sailor Moon, Dance Dance Revolution, Katamari, Babylon 5, Perl, algebra, pi, early music choir, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Catan, Lost Cities, the Earth's Children series, Pokemon Fusion, techno, the Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, rubik's cubes.

About my wedding: I met my fiance on gk2gk.com (yes, I did). We both share a love of computers. We met on new year's day and we'll be getting married on our anniversary (who would give up such an amazing anniversary? Not me). I have a super cool, swirly platinum engagement ring from Danforth Diamond (so reasonable). If I were the kind of person to encourage spending 5x more on a ring, I would have a Mark Schneider ring. We're getting married at one of George Washington's farms that overlooks the Potomac River. I'm so excited.