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Welcome to bunnie.net, currently sporting Layout 27, entitled, "Glass Petals." Running since January, 2002. Navigate using the small square icons to your right.

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Here are some of the sites that stand on their own here at the bunnie network. Don't forget to visit the archive (linked on the residents page), and the sites at my other domains (linked on their subpages).

Net.Bunnie is my java site. I have a number of applets there, along with some regular programs from summers, high school, and college. I was a teaching assistant for the U.Va. computer science department for three and a half years, and I have a number of programs there from that job. The site's name comes from the package declaration in java.

Moon.Bunnie.net is my Sailor Moon site. I made it because there was a Sailor Moon layout link up during college. I had to pretend it was a collective, but now it is just my site for my Luna/Shingo joke shipping (akin to the Pikachu/ketchup bottle shipping), my manga collection, and someday, silly images. I am especially proud of my ridiculous javascript scrolling there.

Lizzy.Bunnie.Net is my never-materializing personal site. I've had a number of personal sites before, including one called Ditz, but this one has never materialized. It uses the background from one of my blog's old layouts. It also features my favorite quote and some blog entries about the words in that quote.

Burning Building is my math site! It has Pi Day pictures, pages about puzzle games, calculators, math puzzle problems, and my middle school science enrichment adventures. The origin of the name is described there.