Burning Building

Burning Building is my math content site. To explain the name... Well, in 7th grade, (2000 - 2001 schoolyear) I was in Mrs. Van Horn's math class. Mrs. Van Horn loves to make fun of people, but in particular, she made fun of one of the other math teachers, Mr. Sieger. Well, it just so happens that one day she was making fun of him whilst we learned the pythagorean theorem. She said... "If a ladder is 10 feet away from a 40 foot tall burning building, and Mr. Sieger is on top of it, how long does the ladder have to be in order to save Mr. Sieger... that is, assuming we wanted to save him?" It was incredulously funny. Well, maybe not to you, but to a lot of the class. And, you know what? Mr. Sieger was my math teacher the next year. *imagines him actually burning on top of a building, and is very happy*

I finally have most of the pages up! And by most, I mean everything is linked and has a bit of content! :D I do still need to find the Survivor 2006 packet I made at community study and get that up...

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