I also pay only $14 a year for this domain, thanks to 123CD. They rock. It took them only one or two days to get the domain registered and the whois up. Their customer service is really fast. Believe me, when I lose my password every month, they get it to me within the hour. Better than Alxnet... They [Alxnet] have really bad customer support. They gave me the wrong username - 3 times! Losers. Lol. Well, for only 9 bucks a month, they're worth it.

Anyways, about my webdesign [like you care]... I started designing in 6th grade, with Ayla's World, when other ECS sites inspired me to make a site of my own. I wanted to put easy access to those who might be interested in reading the books, but don't want to read a gazillion pages to see. Well, after a good few months [and lots of Mark Murphy bashing], Astroatlas, my free host that taught me HTML and to hate WYSIWYGEs, had to shut down. *cries* I moved to the evil Homestead, and because of their lack of HTML options, I was forced to use a WYSIWYGE for while. My content was always unique, though! My HTML experience starts up again in June, 2001. See, Homestead decided to charge, cancel my e-mail, and be an even bigger pain in my ass. I decided that I wanted a blog, like my friend Rachel had. So... I went to Pitas, direct linked from Homestead, and played with all of my favorite languages again. I also had become addicted to NeoPets a bit before that, and used JS and HTML in my pages. Those were the good days - no elitism, no JS ban on NeoPets...

Then, along comes the blog spree and I can't get noticed by people unless I'm "hosted" so I apply to Roxy. I'm accepted on my first try, go me! I move in fairly quickly. Change my links. Blog. Go back to school. Now, I get to help all of my friends in HTML need! I know CSS, HTML, Java, JS.. Lots of good languages. Lots of good IMs about web stuff. After a bit, I decide that SCnet [Roxy's domain] goes down WAY too much, and I either am going to move, or get my own domain. I ask my mom, and she says, "We'll see." Well, I bug her enough, and convince her that I have found very good $$ deals [30 to 14, 9 to XX...] and she agrees to buy it. We get the domain I've been wanting - Bunnie.net. That's another reason I got it. Bunnie was previously registered, but when I saw it was available, I JUMPED to get it. So.. I wait until Alxnet gets their asses around to setting up my domain, move my content, etc., etc.

My domain is payed for by my allowance [thanks, Mom] and Christmas money [thanks, Moz]. See, I am a spoiled little brat. No Geocities, ever... Hosted on first request... No paying for the domain with real money... You know. It's all good. Lol.