A Quick Profile

Name? Lizzy, or Lesley Elisabeth by birth.
Birthday? 3-30-88
How long have you been web designing? 2 years
Where was your site located at before I hosted it? Astroatlas, Homestead, Sparkscity.net
How did you run across bunnie.net? I own it.
What's your favorite thing to do on your computer besides going online? WINAMP. Dude, Winamp kicks.
What's your favorite thing to do online? E-mail my hostees incessantly.
If you were going to get a domain name, what name would you get? I already own bunnie.net. Duhhhhhr. But I do want another name for when everyone at school finds this one out. It's... Oh, haha, I fooled you! I'm not telling. *grin*
How did you come up with your site name? I came up with bunnie from my dad's Cinder-rabbit letters.
Do I bug you by e-mailing you so much? I don't usually e-mail myself... No, wait, that's not quite true... LOL...
Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Extrovert, I mean, look at how much I talk!!
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change? My bad vision. I wrote a paper in English class a few years ago (Mr. Cheeseman!! aah! evil! *shudder*) on it.
If you could make one person vanish off the face of the earth, who would it be and why? Mark Murphy. Yeah, I know I've forgiven him, but I still don't particularly like having him around...
Who's one person who you know but wouldn't have ever liked to have met, and why? Steve or Mark. Steve b/c he's such an ass, and Mark b/c he's such an ass. Actually, it's b/c they both hurt me hard. Mark more than Steve, but Steve hurt me HARD. So, yeah.
What kind of music do you work to [online], if any? Look at my playlist! What kind of music peeves you? Kiddie songs!!! AHH! Lol.


I was named Lesley Elisabeth by my parents. I should start before that... My parents were married in 1980. They never thought they would get married, but they did. 8 years later, they had me. They never really planned to have kids, either. I was supposed to be Claire Elisabeth, born April 27th. But, here I am, Lesley Elisabeth, born March 30th. I was born at 9:59 at night. The doctor said that I would be born before 10. Well, hey, he kept his word.

I grew up in Tarrytown, New York. Or, at least for 4 years. My mom worked for Mobil Corp. Their headquarters were there. Tarrytown is south of the legendary Sleepy Hollow. I would have gone to Sleepy Hollow High. How cool would that have been? Lol. At 4, I had a little brother, Scott (born 2 years and a few days after me), and I was pretty happy. A cute little kid. Mobil Corp decided to move headquarters, and so my mom went with them. We moved to Fairfax, VA. That's right near DC. Anyways, I went to a private school called Talent House Private School (now renamed Merritt Academy). We moved again after my mom had a midlife crisis becuase she lost her job, divorced my dad, found out she had MS, and turned 40. Fun, huh?

We moved to our current residence, Ambler, PA. It's quaint. I like it. Well, not really. I can't wait to move back to Virginia. I want to go to UVA. This year, I'm going to Upper Dublin High School. My first year there. Can't wait. I applied for two honors courses and somehow got into three. I think they're a bit screwy. Well, hey, I don't think getting a 4.0 GPA will be much hassle. Lol. For those who are wondering, I got my nickname Lizzy in 5th or 6th grade. Yeah. I have tons of friends. I love them all! MWA! And you're all emo. In any case, I want to become a teacher after I attend college (they have this really great 5 year masters program) and maybe move back into my old house in VA. That's all for now...

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How I think of Myself

I think of myself in many ways. I'm me, Lizzy. Or Lesley. I really don't like my given name. I used to - then I went to public school, and you know what the name Lesley turns into. Even my friends have done it at some point. So, I took the name Lizzy. Hey, that's my middle name. And my first name is a variant of Elisabeth/Elizabeth anyways. So, in any case, I bet you're wondering what I think of myself as, label-wise. I really don't fit into groups. I never have. I'm obviously not a prep. Nor a jock. I play basketball, and that's about it. I'm not really a DORK dork, because I actually have friends, and a life, and go to the movies, and do stuff other than what dorks do. I'm not a nerd, either. I don't snort. Lol. I laugh a lot, as you can tell, but I really don't snort. I'm not a punk/emo/etc. because I'm not a "rebel without/with a cause" and I wear colors other than black. Don't take offense, please. I'm basically a freak. Dork comes in second. One of my classmates called me "brain" the whole year. *sigh*

I'm not your average skinny 90-pound anorexic, either. I've got some "meat on my bones." I want to be a 90-pound skinny anorexic chick. I'm not tall, and I haven't grown since 5th grade. Well, not much. So, I still wear T-shirts from years ago. They might be a bit smaller because of the one part of me that DID grow, but they fit pretty well. So, I've got your regular early-90s "T-shirt and jeans" look about me. My mom always made me cut my hair short, so that's why I insist on it being 3 feet long now. I really do love my hair. It's my favorite part of me. Yeah. That's how I think of me physically. Well, sometimes I get all pessimistic and say, "You're so fat and short and your hair makes you look even uglier, and your boobs aren't as big as everyone else seems to think they are, etc. etc." but for the most part, I'm okay.

I guess my overall appearance is "dork." I wear glasses, and I have a high vocabulary... Or at least my English class says so. I mean, I don't trust their opinion - they didn't know what "taboo" or "pales in comparison to" meant. *sigh* Poor, poor souls. I value my smarts. I love my glasses. Hey, I get straight A's. Woohoo. Go me. I read a lot, so I guess a lot of people think of me as a bookworm. I really don't read THAT much. I used to. Now I don't. Go figure.

I think of myself, personality-wise, as a nice, decent, caring girl. Most people believe I'm selfless as well. No, I have desires, and I won't go and sit outside with you if I don't feel like getting eaten by the bugs. But I do really want to be selfless. Someday, I'll be just as selfless as Melanie from Gone With The Wind. (You can insert Scarlett's speech about never going hungry again here if you'd like) I also think of myself as observant. I don't see a lot of people who observe everthing and everyone like me. People accuse me of being a stalker, but I really just listen and read things and remember them. It's quite simple. Lol. I'm a pack-rat, and I'm not as organized as everyone believes.

Also, another thing I am that everyone knows is BOY CRAZY. I am so incredibly boy crazy that even the most boy crazy girls you know aren't half as bad as me. If I go to some social gathering, then I have to find someone to obsess over, even for just 5 minutes. Even if I'm in love with someone else. Even if I'm GOING OUT with someone else. True story there. I liked 2 guys VERY seriously while going out with someone - it was a long distance relationship. This year, when I went to Disneyworld, I obsessed over 3 guys I saw walking around the park - two looked like my love of the time, and one was Latin American. I also had a major one-week crush on Shaun (Amy was my babysitter, her husband's brother), who is a MORMON. At camp, I liked all of the CITs, and a counselor. He was 23 and his last name was Hollinger. He used to be a vegetarian. See why people think I'm a stalker? But hey, I'm me. DEAL.

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Why I Want To Become a Teacher

I know what most people think when I tell them that I want to be a teacher. Why is she choosing a profession with such low pay instead of doing something with computers? Well, ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be a teacher. I just DO. I love teaching people things. I love reading. And if I was (or is it were? I HATE THE SUBJUNCTIVE! AHH!) at a computer screen all day doing things for SOMEONE ELSE, I'd go nuts. I know I can teach day after day after day and never hate my job. Teachers are also in high demand. By the time I get out of college, I'll be able to get a job ANYWHERE I want one. So, that's why. I really don't need a bunch of money like my mom has, she can just help me make my little salary flourish in the stock market. Lol.

My Dad

Wow, that's the first time those words appeared on this page. That's because my dad died in 1999. Let's start before that. My dad was a journalist. He wrote about music. He went to concerts, and married my mom. He didn't like sports. He played the guitar. He always used to play me this one song before I went to sleep, "500 miles." When I was 5, my mom and dad divorced. Did I forget to tell you that he smoked and was an alchoholic? We moved, he stayed. He had a heart attack. We went down to see him. My mom mad me come home. He died a few hours later of cardiac arrest. I cried for days.

On being a Secular, Reconstructionist Half-Half Jew

That's right. I'm a Secular, Reconstructionist Half-Half Jew. My father was Episcopalian and my mother was a Conservative Jew. I don't know when my mom decided to pursue Reconstructionism, but she didn't join a synagogue down in VA because the closest Reconstructionist synagogue was in Maryland. We joined Or Hadash here. And I've discovered that I'm Secular. I don't really care what I'm singing in Hebrew. Most of it is "praise God, etc. etc" but some is real poetry. Dodi Li, for example. Anyways, I obviously don't believe in much of a God. Yes, I guess there is one, but I don't think He watches over us. He created us and abandoned us, and that's all there is to it. Lol. I guess that makes me a creationist, too.

Who the hell is Amy???

I hate explaining who Amy is, so I'm going to write it down here and be done with it. Amy Calvert, now Amy Carling, was my live-in nanny in 2nd grade. My mom worked 24-7 so she hired these people. Amy is Mormon. Anyways, She got married to this really nice Mormon guy, Daren. We then moved from VA to PA, and a year later, they moved up with us. They had a kid, Caroline, more commonly known as CC (Caronline Carling, CC, get it?) After a bit, they decided to adopt a kid. More if they could. They went to the Marshall Islands and came back with 3 kids. 3. Well, 4 if you count CC, b/c she went with. Anyways, they moved out of our house (finally. I love Amy, but she made my life a living hell) and to a house about 30 minutes away. A few months later (I think) Daren enrolled in the Air Force. He's a pediatrician. He signed up to work at the air base taking care of all the pilot's kids and stuff. So, anyways, they get stationed in ENID, OKLAHOMA. We see them once a year. well, sometimes more - they flew out for my bat mitzvah. And, we go to Disneyworld with them every year. I'm also flying out this summer to stay with them for a few days. Yeah, we love them, but I can only stand so much of them.